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To convey impulses for the environmental revitalization of society with original experiences.

What do we see as the problem?

Long-term surveys point to a deteriorating health status of the population - obesity, allergies, passivity. The age limit is gradually decreasing and the percentage in surveys is skyrocketing, when even children will face harmful addictions - cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, internet addiction, gambling, bullying, social isolation.

We all see the need to address the situation - parents, school, non-profit organizations, the city, the state, the international community. But who solves it and how is the right question really. Who? Who can capture and deal with the situation in an unequal battle with the marketing sharks of miracle drugs, supermarkets, and uncontrollable consumption?

And the biggest scarecrow of time? Who will literally win the battle for the survival of the human race in the fight for an ecological and healthy planet with multinational consortia of the oil, pharmaceutical and other mammology-controlled industries? Who will win? The pandemic that literally trapped the company added another level of difficulty to the fight.


Our way is to participate with everyone whose goal is the health of the individual and the environmental sustainability of society.

In our view, these are people without obesity, smoking, alcohol, drugs, without internet addiction, drugs. People who can laugh, compete healthily, work together as a team, enjoy beautiful music, movement, nature. People who realize that their fundamental right is the right to a habitable environment. People who can reduce excessive consumption and personal comfort in the interest of a higher goal - the survival of future generations.

The goal

Connecting partners, offering original forms of experiential pedagogy, discovering and passing on the right impulses and tools to revitalize the company in a quality and successful manner. From young children to the oldest seniors, the sooner the better, the more often, the greater the chance of success. Our goal is not to win, but to look for and offer solutions.


  • originality
  • participation
  • sustainability
  • transparency
  • digitization

Completed projects


Waterworks - architectural study - partner - owner of the Waterworks

The first swallow is an architectural studio for the revitalization of a beautiful space right in the heart of Nitra - the old waterworks in the Sihoť Park into a multifunctional building for leisure activities.


3G PARK - Park of three generations - Stará Vodáreň, Park Sihoť Nitra - partners - city of Nitra, Nitra self-governing region. Project in a renovated waterworks with leisure activities for all generations.

Experience in the museum - folklore course - SPM Agrokomplex Nitra - partners - the city of Nitra, Nitra self-governing region.

Adventure trip through the most beautiful corners of the city - patriotic excursion around the city of Nitra - partner - Nitra self-governing region.


The power of connection - let's tell children about their rights to clean air and water - experiential education for children with an environmental theme - partner - the city of Nitra.

Adventure trip through the most beautiful corners of the city - patriotic excursion around the city of Nitra - partner - Nitra self-governing region.



Connection force - Request ERASMUS - SPORT - 2021 - SCP - coordinator Slovak Gymnastics Federation. An international project aimed at revitalizing mass sports for all generations as a basic communication tool on health and environmental sustainability.

Digitization of the idea and form of the main activity:

Connection force presentation -

Connection force concept -

If you want to implement or support similar ideas and projects, we will be happy to contact you.

We are looking forward to our cooperation
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